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If you’ve bought ZROADZ auxiliary lights and want to connect it using a well-built wiring harness, ZROADZ Wiring Harness is the product for you! A universal DT series wiring harness capable of connecting 2 LED light bars, ZROADZ harness gives you an option to use factory switches and comes in 9 or 25 feet variants.

  • Available in 9 feet or 25 feet variant
  • Comes with a Single Relay and Fusible Link
  • Can be Controlled Using On/Off ¾ Inch Toggle Switch
  • Compatible with Factory Dash Switches
  • Has a Single DT Connector
  • Compatible with Systems with 200 Watts or Less
  • Black Loom Cover
  • Waterproof Construction

Top Features

Plug and Play

ZROADZ wiring harness makes the wiring process easy and straightforward. No soldering is necessary, so all you’ll have to do is attach the appropriate connectors, and you’re good to go!

Use Factory Switches

While the harness does come with it’s own on/off switch, you could just as easily  use factory dash accessory switches. Check the owner’s manual to find the connector points, and attach a wiring harness to take full advantage of this feature.

Waterproof Design

Auxiliary lights are bound to leave some of the wiring harness exposed, but there’s nothing to worry about with ZROADZ. Their wiring harness has waterproof connectors and uses OE grade materials to ensure a long service life.