ZROADZ 10" Slim Light Bar



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If you need additional lighting for your setup and pod lights aren’t going to cut it, then ZROADZ 10” Slim Light Bar might be just what you’re looking for! One of the smallest configurations available, Slim Light Bar is very discrete, but also great at what it does!

  • 10” Light Bar Configuration with Single Row LEDs
  • Delivers 2,581 lumens and 50 Watts for Powerful Illumination
  • Superior CREE LED Chips with 5 Watts of Power
  • Optics Combination for High Versatility
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee, 3 Years for the Paint Finish
  • Reliable Option with Protection Ratings: IP68 and IP69K
  • LED can Last for at Least 50,000 Hours
  • No Wiring Harness
  • Made in America
  • Finished in Powdercoated Gloss Black
  • Mounted Using Basic Tools and Bolts

Top Features


CREE chips are the next big thing in LED technology. Using InGaN materials and proprietary substrates, CREE chips deliver superior performance and value for money. The ability to last over 50,000 hours comes from production quality, low heat generation and high ESD tolerance and resistance. 

Slim Design

The advantages of larger, double-row bars are obvious, but the unforeseen drawback can be the increased power draw, and distinct wind noise, or whistling, as you’re driving at highway speeds. If you use your vehicle for more than just off-roading, then a smaller 10” Slim Light Bar will deliver potent illumination without the inherent drawbacks of a larger bar. 

ZROADZ Guarantee

When you’re buying a ZROADZ product, you’re committing to the best lighting accessories in business, and the company knows how to reward it. 20” Slim Light Bar has a limited lifetime warranty on parts and construction, and 3 years on the powder coated finish!

What’s in the Box

  • (1)10” Single Row Slim Line Straight LED Light Bar
  • DT Pigtail Connector
  • Mounting Feet


What is the mounting hole pattern?

The holes are 11.25” apart


Time Required: 2 Hours

Difficulty: Medium