Westin Profile Cargo Liner Wrangler JL

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No matter how much you try to keep it clean, the cargo area of a Wrangler is bound to get dirty and wet. Camping equipment, tools, and pets are all typical sources of marks on the carpeting, so why not protect it with Westin Profile cargo liners?

  • Made out of Flexible Rubberized Polymer
  • Protects Cargo Area from Dirt and Water Damage
  • Textured Surface Increases Traction
  • 2-inch Liner Edge Contains Spills and Dirt
  • Highly Resistant to Heat and Cold
  • Contoured for a Perfect Fit
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • All-Season Application

Top Features

All-Season Protection

Because Westin Profile cargo liner is made out of high-quality rubberized polymer, it will not melt in summer heat or become brittle during the coldest days. Designed to be a perfect fit for the Wrangler JL, it uses a 2” liner edge to contain everything that could ruin your carpeting. 

Convenient & Easy to Maintain

Even if your cargo area is always empty, over time it’ll gather dust so it needs to be vacuumed regularly. When it gets too dirty, your only options are to spend a lot of time and effort cleaning it yourself or using the services of a professional. 

Why not save time and money in the long run with Westin Profile cargo liner? It will ensure that you never have to worry about cleaning the carpeting. As for the liner itself, it is flexible and easy to remove and install and can be cleaned within seconds with a pressure washer or plain garden hose.