WARN AXON Powersport Winch

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The WARN AXON Powersport Winch Series uses advanced Motactor (motor/contactor) digital technology in a compact and easy to install design for the best winching experience. Equip your ATV or UTV with one of the AXON Powersport Winch models and take your off-roading experience to the next level.

  • Rated Line Pull Of 3500 Pounds Up To 5500 Pounds
  • Motactor Motor With 12v DC Permanent Magnet
  • IP68 Waterproof Seal
  • 3-Stage Planetary Gearing
  • All Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Spydura Synthetic Rope Or Steel Cable
  • Rockerbar Digital Control Switch Control
  • Digital Corded Remote Control
  • Mechanical Brake
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty On Mechanical Components
  • 3-Year Warranty On Electrical Components

Top Features

Model Variety

WARN knows how important it is to have a fine-tuned setup, which is why the AXON Powersport Winches are available in 5 variations. Choose the right line pull weight and speed, motor power as well as the line material for the best winching experience.

AXON 35 Powersport

The AXON Powersport 35 is capable of pulling 3500 pounds at a speed of 9.5 feet per minute while drawing 204 amps. Pulling is accomplished by 50 feet of 7/32” steel cable on a roller fairlead, with a Rockerbar digital control switch.

AXON 45 & 45RC Powersport

Models 45 and 45RC represent a step-up in the AXON Powersport lineup, delivering 4500 pounds of line pull at a speed of 6.7 feet per minute, drawing 208 amp for the model 45, and 7.5 fpm and 198 amps for the model 45 RC.

The 45RC has better line speed thanks to the EPIC hawse fairlead and 27’x1/4” Spydura synthetic rope. The 45 has a roller fairlead, but nearly double the steel cable length at 50’x1/4”. Both models include the Rockerbar digital control switch and the digital corded remote.

AXON 55 & 55S Powersport

feet per minute while drawing 254 amps. Much like the 45 models, the main difference is in the roller and line material.

The AXON 55 Powersport has a roller fairlead and uses 50 feet of ¼” steel cable, while the 55S has the EPIC hawse fairlead and uses 50 feet of ¼” Spydura synthetic rope. Rockenbar digital control and digital corded remote come with either model.


Does this include battery wiring and wiring for the dash board switch?

Yes it does!

Can this be mounted on a car hauler trailer? Do I need a mounting plate?

You should be able to mount this to a trailer, and yes, a mounting plate is recommended.

Does this come with all the wiring to install it?

Yes, if you are putting it on an ATV or UTV. If you are doing something different- boat trailer winch- you need to get 12 volts to the switch.