Thule Range Hitch Bike Rack

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Thule Range Hitch Bike Rack represents a heavy-duty option that can handle tremendous forces on the rear of an RV or a Travel Trailer. With a focus on durability, security, and protection of your bikes, Thule has managed to make one of the best racks available.

  • Superior Bike Stability And Fit
  • Integrated Anti-Sway That Prevents Bike To Bike Contact
  • 7” Of Spacing Between Each Bike For Safe Transport
  • Ratcheting Cradle Strap For Quick And Easy Bike Attachment
  • Compact Cradle Design Accommodates A Variety Of Bike Frames And Sizes
  • Integrated Cable Bike Lock Included
  • Easily Fold Bike Arms When Rack Isn’t Used
  • Carrier Locks To The RV With The Thule STL2 Bolt (Lock Included)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top Features

Convenient Design

With RV use in mind, Thule has designed the Range Hitch Bike Rack to provide as many smart features as possible. To start off, the Range hitch can carry up to 4 bikes and mounts tightly to the back of the RV. Instead of detaching the rack whenever you’re not using it, simply fold the bike arms up and carry on with your trip.

Thanks to the cradle design, you will be able to mound a wide variety of bicycle types with no issues, while the ratcheting cradle straps provide a simple and secure way of holding them in place.

Safety & Security

There’s plenty to like about the Thule Range Hitch Bike Rack, especially heavy-duty materials and construction. Each of the four bikes can weigh up to 37.5 pounds, for a total carry weight of 150 pounds.

The superior bike stability comes from the integrated anti-sway system that works in tandem with the 7” of spacing between the bikes to prevent any chance of them coming into contact with each other or the RV. Thule STL2 bolt is included and acts as the lock for the carrier, while the integrated cable lock ensures each of the bikes stays where it’s supposed to.


An important part of every purchase is the warranty policy, and you’ll be happy to hear that with the purchase of Range Hitch Bike Rack, Thule provides a limited lifetime warranty. Never worry about your bikes again, and drive in confidence knowing they’ll always be where you’ve left them!


I have a ford escape with a 2 inch hitch. Will I be able to use this rack with my SUV/Truck?

While this rack was designed for RV use, it can certainly be used on other large vehicles as long as the hitch size matches up.