Smittybilt SRC GEN2 Tube Doors


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Smittybilt SRC GEN2 tube doors are a great way to retain the benefits of doorless Wrangler without compromising your safety. Get the off-road protection necessary when you’re driving doorless, and keep your passengers safe and secure wherever you go. With the mirror relocation bracket, you can make your Wrangler compliant with road regulations of any state!

  • Designed for Wrangler JK
  • Easy Grip Billet Handle
  • Features a Door Bumper for Added Strength
  • Included MOLLE Door Panels Can be Installed on Either Side
  • Door Straps Mount to Factory Hinges
  • Mirrors Relocation Brackets Included to Comply With Road Regulations
  • Heavy Duty Latching System
  • Steel Tubing Construction

Top Features

Uncompromising Safety

Smittybilt SRC GEN2 Tube Doors are ideal for off-road situations where dirt and rocks might fly towards the cabin. When faced with a serious angle, they’ll keep both you and the passengers inside the vehicle at all times. During the everyday drive, they will instill a sense of security, especially if you’re transporting kids and pets. 

Mirror Relocation Brackets

Driving without side mirrors is alright on the track, but on public roads, it is not only illegal but also highly dangerous.  There’s no need to drill holes in the Wrangler’s body and make mirror mounts - instead, just get the Smittybilt SRC GEN2 Tube Doors! With the mounting brackets already in place, you can make your Jeep road legal in a matter of minutes!

Make Your Configuration

Smittybilt SRC GEN2 Tube Doors give you plenty of room to configure the look. The frame-only setup is excellent for retaining the open-air feel, but you can also attach the MOLLE door panels on both the outside or inside of the frame. Mix it up between the front and rear doors and create a great look for your Wrangler!