Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC Winch

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The well-known Smittybilt XRC winches have received the second generation with thorough updates and added heavy-duty features for better performance. The amphibious motor provides industry-leading torque and 6.6 horsepower that can be activated easily with the wireless remote control. The GEN 2 XRC winch is an excellent option for any off-road setup.

  • Powerful 6.6 Horsepower Motor
  • 3-Stage Planetary Gear System
  • Upgraded Pulling Power Over Gen 1
  • Upgraded Line Speed Over Gen 1
  • Larger Clutch Lever Over Gen 1
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Oversized Aluminum Crossbar
  • Competition Aluminum Fairlead
  • Synthetic Rope Available
  • IP67 Waterproofing Rating
  • Lifetime Warranty On Mechanical Components
  • 3-Year Warranty On Electrical Components

Top Features

Outstanding Performance

The brand new motor powering the GEN2 XRC delivers 6.6 horsepower and is connected to a 3-stage planetary gear system that has revised gear ratios, resulting in a significant performance increase. The state-of-the-art 500 AMP solenoid can be mounted in multiple locations, giving you the freedom to customize your setup. With options for 9500, 15500, and 17500 lbs, the XRC Gen2 can pull the line at an impressive speed of 9.4 feet per minute under load.

Amphibious Technology

The GEN 2 XRC winch by Smittybilt has been made fully waterproof, receiving the IP67 international waterproofing rating. No water will ever stop this winch from pulling you out of trouble!

Quality Components

Performance is not the only thing that the second generation of XRC winch has to offer. Hardware has been made out of stainless steel, oversized crossbar out of aluminum, with a synthetic rope pulling your vehicle closer to the goal. For added convenience, the winch controller can be detached and used in wireless mode. As you can see, durability has played a major factor in the development of this winch, resulting in a marvelous piece of equipment that will last you a lifetime.


While the production quality is clearly evident, having an additional safety layer is always welcome. Smittybilt puts their name behind every winch made, which is why the GEN 2 XRC comes with a lifetime warranty on mechanical parts and a 3-year warranty on electrical components.


What size of the cable does this have?

The cable size varies depending on the capacity of the winch selected. Send us a message if you’re curious about the cable sizes for a particular model and we’ll get all the necessary information to you!

How long is the wire rope?

The cables provided are 80 feet.

Does the included wiring allow you to install the solenoid under the hood?

No it does not. The box is intended to be installed on top of the winch. However, it is possible to acquire new cabling and install the box inside the engine compartment if desired.