Rugged Ridge All-Terrain Floor Mats Gladiator Front Row

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You’ve already bought one of the best vehicles Jeep has to offer, so why not equip it with floor mats that are just as good? A perfect fit for your Gladiator, Rugged Ridge All-Terrain floor mats are a two-piece set that will provide superior protection to the front row.

  • Made out of Injection Molded Thermoplastic
  • Durable Construction
  • Two-piece Set
  • Anti-Slip Nibs ensure that Mats stay in place
  • Chevron-Shaped Tread Pattern
  • Rolled Tall Edges prevent Fluid and Dirt seepage
  • Easy to Remove and Clean
  • All-Season Protection
  • Attaches to OEM Hooks

Top Features

All-Weather Protection

Whether you plan on pushing your Gladiator to its limits or keep it on the paved roads, I’m sure you’ll appreciate a clean interior free of any odors. Mud, water, and especially snow can easily find their way inside the vehicle on your shoes.

By equipping a set of Rugged Ridge All-Terrain floor mats, you can keep your interior clean even in the harshest environments. Rolled edges make a high barrier to prevent fluids from escaping, while the chevron pattern protrusions prevent shoes from slipping even with wet soles.

Style & Convenience

If you’ve got to have all-season floor mats, why not get a pair that is subtle yet stylish enough to be noticed? Rugged Ridge has managed to merge durability with design and convenience that you’ll appreciate.

As it attaches to the OEM hooks, you can install these floor mats in a matter of minutes, which is particularly handy when it comes to cleaning them. Whether you’re washing your car at a self-service or at home, maintaining the mats is as simple as taking them out and spraying them with the hose.