Rugged Ridge All-Terrain Cargo Liner Wrangler JK

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Keeping the cargo area factory fresh is not easy, especially if you transport more than just luggage bags. Why go through the trouble of vacuuming and dealing with stains on the carpeting, when you can get Rugged Ridge All-Terrain Cargo Liners, designed precisely for Wrangler JK!

  • Made to Measure for a Perfect Fit in Wrangler JK Cargo Area
  • Tall Treads and Deep Channels are Great for Dirt and Liquid Retention
  • Raised Edges Prevent Spillage of Fluids
  • Backside Nibs Provide Grip and Prevent Slipping
  • Easily Cleaned Using a Pressure Washer
  • Black, Grey, or Tan Color Available
  • Very Quick to Install and Remove
  • Covered by the Rugged Ridge 5-Year Warranty

Top Features

Proper Jeep Protection

The Jeep Wrangler is meant to do so much more than just the daily commute. Professionals using Wrangler as their work station and off-road enthusiasts need extra interior protection to maintain pristine condition. 

For this purpose, Rugged Ridge All-Terrain Cargo Liner is essential. Tall edges and deep chevron pattern treads keep all the dirt, muck, and water contained and away from the carpeting.

Highly Practical

The cargo bay is notorious for being very difficult to clean and get the stains out. A ruptured grocery bag, a leaky lawnmower, or dirty equipment can quickly make a mess, but with Rugged Ridge All-Terrain Cargo Liners, the cleaning process is reduced to just a few minutes! 

The next time you’re at the self-service car wash, take the liner out and hose it down, and it will be dried and ready by the time you’ve washed the Jeep!

What’s in the Box

  • Cargo Liner
  • Logo (1 per Cargo Liner)
  • Logo Clips (2 per Cargo Liner)


Time Required: 15 Min

Difficulty: Easy


Rugged Ridge All-Terrain Cargo Liner Installation Guide