RIGID SR-Series Lightbar Harness

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Getting a premium product doesn’t always mean paying a premium price. RIGID Harnesses are a great example of how the highest quality wiring can come in a relatively inexpensive package. Don’t jeopardize the SR-Series Lightbar with a sub-par option, match it with RIGID specialized harness

  • High Power Harness Fits 20” - 50” SR-Series and & 10”-30” E-Series Lightbars
  • The second Option Fits 4” - 6” E-Series and 10” SR-Series Harness
  • Connects a Single LED Lightbar to the 12V System
  • Incorporates a 12V Relay
  • Waterproof Switch Included
  • Has a Battery Terminal on One End and a Deutsch Connector on the Other

Top Features

RIGID Quality

Only RIGID-made harnesses are capable of delivering stable and consistent power to the RIGID SR-Series Lightbars. Going with a different brand can result in connectivity or reliability issues. If you already bought the best lightbar in business, then you should get a harness that matches it perfectly!

Feature Rich

RIGID has made sure that the installation process is made simple, which is why one end of the harness connects easily to the battery terminal, while the other has a Deutsch connector for plug & play installation. The harness has an integrated fuse holder and a waterproof switch to make the operation safe and straightforward.


Time Required: 1-2 Hours

Difficulty: Easy