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RIGID Radiance XL LED Pod Lights are a top-of-the-line product aimed at those who do not make compromises when it comes to their setup. Packing a lot of power in a 4”x4” housing, Radiance XL LED Pods combine flood and spot patterns to create a versatile option that can be useful in just about every situation.

  • Patented Broad Spot Optics Combine Flood and Spot Beam pattern
  • Black Exposed Printed Circuit Board
  • Forward Projecting Optics Optimize Light Output
  • Back-Lighting Available in White, Amber, Blue, or Red
  • Includes Multi-Trigger Harness
  • Pod Measures 4”x4”
  • 50,000+ Hours LED Lifespan
  • D-XL Series Construction and Durability
  • Alloy Housing and Heatsink
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Stainless Steel U-Shape Brackets
  • Dedicated Wire to Run Back-Lighting without Primary LEDs
  • Pressure Equalizing Vent
  • RIGID Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top Features

Best Pods in the Business 

In the auxiliary lighting business, there are three distinct methods of manufacture. The broadest method is to overpromise and underdeliver, typically seen among unknown brands. Some find the right balance between budget and features, but RIGID focuses on making the best product possible, above all else. If you’re in the market for the most powerful and reliable pods, then Radiance XL LED Pod Lights are the best choice for you!

Impressive Illumination 

By combining flood and spotlight attributes into one, Broad Spot Optics provides the Radiance XL LED Pod Lights with versatility and effectiveness in a greater range of situations. Instead of installing separate flood and spotlights, go with RIGID and their all-in-one package. Outputting 50 Watts and 2992 Lumens, these Pods can outshine any competition!

Unquestionable Reliability

With lesser products, you’ll have to worry about lens turning yellow, housing discoloration, and fogging, but not with RIGID Radiance XL LED Pod Lights! High production standards and dedication to the craft have resulted in pods that are meant to last - and if they don’t, then the RIGID lifetime warranty should clear up any problems!

RIGID vs. Knockoffs

Wondering if there's really a big difference between cheap knockoff lights and name-brands such as RIGID? This independent Youtuber does an excellent job highlighting the pros and cons, to help you decide if you're willing to accept sub-par lighting standards for your Jeep build.