RIGID Radiance Pod Lights Wiring Harness



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To get the most functionality out of RIGID Radiance Pods, you need the right wiring harness, and no universal option can compete with a harness made by RIGID itself! Two independent circuits simplify installation and provide separate controls for primary lights, and backlighting.

  • Designed Specifically for Radiance Pods
  • Independent Circuits Simplify Installation Process
  • Circuits are Protected by an Integrated Fuse Holder
  • Backlit LED Rocker Switches Included as Standard
  • Each Circuit Can be Controlled Independently

Top Features

Complete POD Control

Not only does the RIGID Radiance Pod Light Wiring Harness split primary LED and backlight circuits, but it also includes two backlit LED rocker switches to make it easy to control each circuit independently.

RIGID Quality

When you pair Radiance Pod Lights with this harness, you’re making sure that the vehicle’s electric system functions flawlessly, and that the lights will run efficiently and reliably for many years. An integrated fuse holder will protect the circuits and both pods.


Will the switches mount in the standard dash slots?

No they will not unfortunately


Time Required: 1-2 Hours

Difficulty: Medium