RIGID Original Radiance LED Pod Lights



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Original Radiance LED Pod Lights are the latest innovation from RIGID that combines their unquestionable brand quality with an approachable price tag. A pair of Radiance Pods will light up the road ahead the way you want them and raise the style of your vehicle with an array of backing light colors.

  • Sold as a Pair of Two LED Pods
  • Measures at 3”x3”
  • Includes Mounting Hardware, U-Shaped Brackets Made out of Stainless Steel
  • Harness Sold Separately
  • Choose Between Red, Blue, Amber or White Backing Light
  • Backing Light can be Controlled Independently
  • IP68 Protection Rating Standard
  • Weighs 4 Pounds
  • RIGID Limited Lifetime Warranty Included

Top Features

Compact, But Powerful 

The main advantages of pods over light bars are the compact size, lack of wind noise, but most importantly the ability to control the direction of the light beam. Light bars are undoubtedly more powerful, but you might not necessarily need, or be able to utilize all of the light. In that regard, Radiance LED Pods are much better, and illuminate exactly what you need, when you need it.

High Production Standards

For a company to make a true premium pod light, they’ll have to follow a set of standards raised beyond the common options. The focus remains on creating the best and toughest light possible, but now it has to stay in that exact condition for years to come. 

Durable powdercoating, lenses that do not fog or discolor, waterproofing, and lifetime warranty are just some of many criteria RIGID’s Original Radiance LED Pod Lights fulfill to be rightfully called a premium option. 

Practicality With Style

It’s not easy to combine auxiliary lighting with a subtle and nice-looking setup, but Radiance LED Pods manage to combine practicality with style. Quality powdercoating in black, pronounced RIGID branding, and choice between four backing light colors give you plenty to work with and create an ideal setup!


RIGID vs. Knockoffs

Wondering if there's really a big difference between cheap knockoff lights and name-brands such as RIGID? This independent Youtuber does an excellent job highlighting the pros and cons, to help you decide if you're willing to accept sub-par lighting standards for your Jeep build.