RIGID 360 Series 4" LED Lights



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RIGID 360 Series 4” LED Lights are meant to be the best illumination system in the business! Projecting up to 8,600 raw lumens, these lights can be heavily customized to make for an ideal addition to your setup. Choose between the backing and beam light color as well as beam pattern, and take your off-roading to the next level!

  • Sold as a Pair
  • LED Lifespan of Over 50,000 Hours
  • Multiple Backing Light Colors Available
  • Spot, Diffused, Driving and SAE Beam Pattern Options
  • Beam Color in Selective Yellow or White
  • Black Exposed Printed Circuit Board
  • Independently Controlled Back-Lighting
  • Alloy Housing & Heatsink
  • Comes with RIGID Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top Features

Customize Your Lights

Beam pattern determines how light can be used, and most manufacturers offer only one type, severely limiting customization options. RIGID gives their customers the liberty to create lights that fit their needs exactly, starting with the beam pattern. The customization doesn’t stop there, as both backing light color and forward-facing beam color can be customized to make the setup not only practical but also great looking!

Pick your Beam Pattern

Driving, SAE, Spot and Diffused patterns are at your disposal so you can customize the lights depending on how and where you drive. For additional on-road illumination, spotlights deliver a concentrated long-range beam. If you’re looking for area illumination, a diffused beam is for you, while driving works best in off-road and gravel road conditions.

RIGID Lifetime Guarantee

It’s hard to believe any aftermarket part can last a lifetime, but with RIGID 360 Series 4” LED Lights, that really is the case. If you don’t believe them, then trust their warranty policy - a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing or material defects!

What's In The Box

  • 2 LED 4" Round Lights
  • 2 Mounting brackets
  • Installation Hardware