Reese Towpower Class IV Hitch w/ 2" Receiver

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Reese Towpower Class IV hitch with a 2” receiver is a custom-fit model featuring solid, all-welded construction for maximum strength and safety. With solid weight ratings and backed by a nationwide limited lifetime warranty, it will be the best hitch purchase you make!

  • 2” Square Receiver Tube Opening
  • Designed For Trucks, Vans And Sport Utility Vehicles
  • A-coat Base With Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Rated Up To 6,000 Pounds Of Gross Trailer Carrying Weight
  • Rated Up To 8,000 Pounds Of Gross Trailer Distributing Weight
  • Solid All-Welded Construction For Maximum Strength And Safety
  • Custom Built According To Manufacturer And Model Year
  • Ensures Perfect Fit And Top Towing Performance
  • Computer-Aided Design And Fatigue Stress Testing
  • Designed To Withstand Road Abuse
  • Includes Distinctive Patented Collar And Plug
  • Backed By A Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top Features

Towing Capacity

Designed to fit your every need, the Reese Towpower Class IV hitch has a gross towing weight of 6,000 pounds, further increased to 8,000 pounds with a weight distribution kit. Tongue weight remains the same in either layout, with the maximum being 900 pounds. For a 45 pound package, Towpower Class IV delivers excellent performance and towing rating.

High-Quality Construction

Reese Towpower Class IV hitch features a 2” round tube receiver and all of the mounting hardware you’ll need for an easy attachment. Made out of steel, it has been finished with a black powder coating for improved durability and high resistance to rust and corrosion. As long as you stay within specified weight limits, the Towpower will withstand road abuse and faults caused by fatigued components.

Custom Fit for ‘14-19 Toyota Highlander

Because Reese Towpower hitches are custom made based on the model and year of each vehicle they provide a perfect fit. Following the manufacturer’s weight specification, they offer maximum towing weights and top towing performance out of all options.


We all want that extra layer of safety with any purchase we make. No matter how good a product is or how well-known the manufacturer, a good warranty policy is always a good thing. Reese has ensured that their Towpower Class IV Hitch with 2” receiver has a nationwide limited lifetime warranty. Any problems that come up as a result of manufacturing or component mistakes will be covered without any hassle.