Poison Spyder Wrangler TJ DeFender Front 3" Tapered Fender Flares


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Poison Spyder DeFender flares are more than just ordinary front tube fenders, providing a higher degree of protection and durability. They’re capable of withstanding leaning, scraping, and hitting on the toughest trails, keeping the damage away from the vehicle. Additionally, you’ll get better clearance for larger tires and suspension articulation, on top of the great looks.

  • Sold as a Pair
  • CNC Laser-cut High-Precision Crafting
  • Made out of Brake-formed 3/16” Bare Plate Steel
  • Features 3-sided Rub Rail
  • Increased Front Tire Clearance
  • Mitigates Tire Contact at Full-lock
  • 3” Tapered Flare Improves Splash Protection
  • Access Holes Make it Easier to Install the Kit
  • Hi-Intensity LED Marker Lamps Compatible
  • Includes Custom Bracket for Lifting the Stock Battery Tray
  • 1 Year Warranty

Top Features

Heavy-Duty Construction

Poison Spyder DeFender front 3” tapered fender flares are made entirely out of high-quality plate steel - there’s no plastic here! CNC laser cutting technology removes the need for tubing seen on other models.

While the competition uses ⅛” tubing for the outer edge rub rail and ⅛” thick sheet metal top plates, Poison Spyder makes their DeFender flares out of 3/16” plate steel. The thickness is consistent across the entire flare, from the rub rail surface to the mounting structure for a proper heavy-duty fender flare.

Revolutionary Design

The tubeless construction of the Poison Spyder DeFender is the next step in the fender flare manufacturing. Instead of using a tube to make the outer edge, DeFender has a break-formed 3-sided rub rail.

DeFender flares offer a much larger wheel opening to allow for bigger tires and more room for the suspension to work with. Because the back of the wheel opening is moved back 4” further than the stock flares, you won’t face rubbing issues when turning the wheels to full-lock.


Poison Spyder includes a 1-year warranty with their DeFender front 3” tapered fender flares for Wrangler TJ. If you come across any issues, their diligent customer support team will help you in the process of getting the flares replaced or repaired.