Poison Spyder 3/4" LED Fender Marker Lamp


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If you’re looking for added visibility on the road or to improve the looks of your custom setup, Poison Spyder ¾” LED fender marker lamps are the way to go! The combination of turn signal and running lamp functionality makes them highly versatile. These LED marker lamps are not a replacement for any stock turn signal or marker lamp.

  • Sold Individually
  • ¾” Round Marker Lamp
  • Combines Turn Signal and Running Lamp Functionality
  • Individual Functionalities are Possible
  • Best Used with Poison Spyder Custom DeFenders, Tube Fenders, or Crusher Flares
  • Available in Red or Clear/Amber
  • DOT-Approved
  • A ¾” Hole in a Flat Panel is Required for Installation
  • 3-Wire Assembly
  • Includes Pigtail Harness and Mounting Grommet
  • Not a Replacement for Stock Marker or Signal Lamp
  • Splicing and Cutting of Vehicle’s Wiring Harness is Required

Top Features

Added Visibility

Custom flares generally increase the width of the vehicle to cover the larger wheels. When driving down the road, especially at night, it’s important that other drivers see your vehicle clearly. Poison Spyder ¾” LED fender marker lamps are an inexpensive way of making sure that you are fully visible on the road.

Versatile Application

Most of the other aftermarket options operate only in market lamp configuration, but not the Poison Spyder ¾” LED fender marker lamps! By properly attaching the three wires, you can use these lamps both as marker lamps and as turn signals. If you’d prefer to have only one of the functionalities, you can do that too! Choose between Clear/Amber or Red color to best match your needs.

Straightforward Installation

Installing the Poison Spyder ¾” LED fender marker lamps will require you to drill a hole in a flat surface and to splice the harness to connect the wires. Through the use of the pigtail harness and mounting grommet, the process is made easier. If you’re not certain that you can do it correctly, ask an experienced friend or a professional for assistance.