Oracle 7" LED Headlights for CJ, TJ, JK

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Oracle 7” LED Headlights are a budget-conscious replacement for off-road vehicles, buggies, and Wrangler CJ, TJ, and JK! The affordability doesn’t come at the expense of quality and reliability - Oracle doesn’t make compromises. If you want to add some color, Oracle headlights can be equipped with a single or RGB halo, controlled via bluetooth app!

  • Compatible with a wide range of trucks, buggies, motorcycles, classic cars
  • Fits Jeep Wrangler CJ, TJ, and JK Models
  • Plug & Play Installation Using the Included H4 and H13 Connectors
  • 2-Year Free Replacement Warranty
  • Wide Range of Halo Colors
  • Constant Current LED Driver Improves Brightness and Reliability
  • Can-Bus System Mitigates Flickering
  • Operates under 12-24V of Power to Prevent Power Surge Damage
  • High-density LED Layout is Made Possible Through Better Heat Dispersion
  • Luxeon ZES Chips Deliver 130 Lumens per Watt and Output Less Heat

Top Features

A Powerful Alternative

If you’re looking for replacement headlights, Oracle can be a more powerful, but also a much more affordable option, especially if you’re driving a Wrangler. Oracle has switched from efficient CREE LEDs to Phillips Luxeon ZES chips that provide even better illumination while reducing power consumption and heat emission. 

Halo Lights

For budget-oriented drivers, Oracle 7” LED Headlights can be bought without a halo, but if you’d want to add some color, there’s a lot of options to choose from. Apart from five single-color options, Oracle offers Colorshift RGB models as well!

Road Legal

Oracle headlights have high and low beam functionality and are DOT and SAE certified to make them legal on public roads. If you’re considering adding a halo, white or amber colors are compatible, while the rest cannot be used on public roads.

What’s in the Box

  • Two 7" High Powered LED Headlights
  • Two "Plug & Play" Wiring Adapters for JK


Do these headlights have a glass lens?

No, these are a Hard-coated Polycarbonate Lens


Time Required: 30 Mins to 1 Hour

Difficulty: Medium

Tools Needed:

  • Panel Tool
  • T15 Torx Bit
  • Wire Crimps
  • T-taps


Oracle 7" LED Headlights Installation Guide