J.W. Speaker 8700 Evolution J2 Series LED Headlights


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The Evolution J2 Series Model 8700 LED Headlights are a street-legal, high-performance replacement for stock Jeep headlights. Utilizing Dual Burn technology, J.W. Speaker has created headlights that can deliver a wide-angle illumination and long-distance high beam, for all of your on and off-road needs!

  • Made in Compliance with DOT Regulations for Road Legal Lights
  • Available Hydro Dipped Bezel with Carbon Fiber, or Black Bezel
  • Anti-Flicker Harness is Not Required
  • Easy to Mount and Connect
  • Dual Burn High & Low Beam Optics
  • ‘17-18 Wrangler JK Models with Stock LED Lights Require a Bracket Kit to Install J2 Series Headlights
  • JL models require JL mounting kit

Top Features

Dual Burn High Beam Optics

Apart from the regular low and standard high beam functionality necessary for safe and legal driving on public roads, J.W. Speaker 8700 Evolution J2 Series Headlights have an additional function to rise above the competition.

Dual Burn high beam optics combines high and low beams together to create a much more powerful beam with long-range illumination and widespread dispersion.

A Powerful Option

The 8700 J2 Series LED Headlights pack a lot of power. High Beam outputs 3,200 raw lumens and 1,260 effective lumens for a beam that can effectively illuminate upwards of 250 meters. Low beam outputs 1,770 raw and 750 effective lumens, more than enough to create an effective wide-angle beam of light.

Road Legal

When you’re buying auxiliary lights, such as pods and light bars, DOT compliance isn’t necessary. However, with headlight replacement, you need a road-legal option to drive on public roads. 8700 Evolution J2 Series LED Headlights comply with rigorous standards and allow you to drive safely and legally wherever you go.


Will these work with a Canadian Jeep with DRL?

If your North American vehicle has Daytime Running Lights, they operate through the High Beam Circuit. The half-halo will operate whenever the headlights are on, but there is no way to separately power the half-halo optics in this case.

Will these plug and play? Or am I going to need that anti-flicker harness for the plug adapter?

These plug and play without additional adapters or wiring. They have built-in pulse width modulators (anti-flicker), so they are not needed separately.


Time Required: 30 Mins

Difficulty: Easy


J.W. Speaker 8700 Evolution J2 Series LED Headlights Installation Guide