Husky X-Act Contour Jeep Gladiator Floor Mat Rear Row

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Husky X-Act Contour Jeep Gladiator Floor Mat Rear Row is the future of interior protection. Masterfully crafted out of indestructible material with soft padding to increase comfort. Why settle for generic liners when you can get an American-built, high-quality option with a lifetime guarantee?

  • Sold as a Single-piece Rear Row Floor Liner for ‘20+ Jeep Gladiator
  • Available in Black Color
  • Fits All Gladiator Trim Levels
  • Laser Cut, Computer Modelled FormFit Design
  • Rubberized DuraGrip Material Combines Softness with Durability
  • FormFit Edge Contains Dirt Inside the Liner
  • StayPut Cleats add Traction to the Back of the Liner
  • Compatible with Factory Retention Posts
  • Designed and Manufactured in The US
  • Comes with a Husky Lifetime Guarantee

Top Features

Highly Functional Design 

Husky is well known for creating top of the line products, and it really shows in their X-Act Contour floor mats. FormFit design is their way of creating a mat that covers the rear row completely to deliver maximum protection. DuraGrip material has been carefully created to have impressive strength, yet be soft enough to elevate the interior comfort.

X-Act Mats Stay in Place

Sliding floor mats have been a problem for so many drivers, so Husky created an ingenious solution in their StayPut Cleats. A series of tiny cleats grip the carpeting or vinyl and keep the mat in place! 

Lifetime Husky Guarantee

You might be tempted to go with the universal, no-name floor mats that are cheaper than Husky, but they will cost you more in the long run. Why go through the hassle of replacing floor mats yearly, and cleaning up all the mess they leave behind when you can get Husky X-Act Contour floor mats with a lifetime guarantee!