Husky X-Act Contour Jeep Gladiator Floor Mat Front Row

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Husky Floor Mats are your way of keeping anything from dirt and mud to juice and crumbs away from the carpeting. Made to measure using proprietary DuraGrip materials, Husky mats are a long-lasting option you can rely on. Built in the US and with a lifetime guarantee, they’re truly one of the best options on the market!

  • Sold as a Pair of Front Mats for Jeep Gladiator
  • Fit for All Trim Levels
  • Made out of Proprietary DuraGrip Material in Black
  • Balances Softness and Durability
  • Uses Cleats and Factory Retention Posts to Stay in Place
  • Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee
  • Built-in The United States

Top Features

Mixing Comfort with Strength

One of the main advantages of Husky X-Act Contour mats over conventional options is their proprietary rubberized DuraGrip material. You might assume that a durable mat has to be very rigid, but Husky combines soft treads with a strong underbody to keep your feet comfortable without impairing durability. 

Protect Your Gladiator in Style

Just because you want the best protection floor mats can offer, doesn’t mean you have to ruin the look of your Gladiator. Husky X-Act Contour Floor Mats are contoured to the measurements of the floor and feature an elegant tread pattern with a Husky brand tag on the side. 

Lifetime Warranty

Something you wouldn’t really expect from a floor mat is a long service life, yet Husky confidently guarantees just that. A lifetime, the no-hassle warranty covers any material or production problems, so you can rest assured X-Act Contour Mats are going to last a long time.


Time Required: 15 Mins

Difficulty: Easy


Husky X-Act Contour Jeep Gladiator Floor Mat Front Row Installation Guide