Husky Classic Floor Liner Jeep Wrangler Rear Row

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Husky Classic Floor Liners are an accessory you didn’t know you needed until you finally got them. The diamond pattern and FormFit design provide superb protection for the rear row. Durable, affordable, and with a lifetime warranty, Husky Classic Floor Liners are a great all-in-one package for any Jeep Wrangler owner!

  • Sold as a One-piece Set for the Rear Row
  • FormFit Contour for a Perfect Fit in ‘97-06 Jeep Wrangler TL/LJ
  • StayPut Cleats Prevent Liners from Moving
  • Classic Design with Diamond Pattern Treads for More Grip
  • Designed and Made in The United States
  • Husky Lifetime Guarantee Included

Top Features

Form Meets Function

Husky combines computer design with laser-cutting technology to create a floor liner with the exact dimensions of your Wrangler’s rear row. Called FormFit Design, it’s one of the most precise methods in the entire industry!

Plenty of Grip

To make sure your liners won’t go anywhere, Husky has placed StayPut Cleats on the bottom of their Classic Floor Liners. They attach to the carpeting without damaging it and keep the liner in place. On top, diamond pattern treads offer plenty of grip for shoes and keep them away from dirt and moisture. 

Husky Lifetime Guarantee

When another company offers you a deal as good as Husky’s lifetime guarantee, feel free to switch, but until then, the best choice is still the Classic Floor Liners! Husky customer service will quickly solve your issue and make it a no-hassle process!