Diode Dynamics LED Halo Lights Wrangler JK


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Diode Dynamics LED halo lights are an affordable way to add some accent lighting to your Wrangler JK, but also functionality through the Switchback feature. Renowned for its quality, Diode Dynamics lighting technology is always a step ahead of the competition for the best halos on the market.

  • Sold as a Pair of Two
  • Designed Specifically for Installation on Wrangler JK
  • Coated in Proprietary Phosphor for Uniform & Solid Looks
  • Multi-function PWM drivers are Fully Waterproof
  • Low Power Power, High Power, and Turn Signal Operating Modes
  • High-density LEDs are Visible even in Direct Sunlight
  • Includes 2 Input Wire Pigtails and Eight T-tap Connectors
  • Designed and Assembled in The United States
  • 3 Year Warranty Policy
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Top Features

HD Halo Technology

To achieve the absolute brightest and the most reliable halos, Diode Dynamics had to incorporate a series of innovations in their design. Each halo is populated by a large number of LEDs that give it the HD (high-density) moniker.

Great Appearance

The proprietary phosphorus coating not only helps in spreading the light more evenly but also hides the LEDs when the halos are turned off, for a uniform look. In red, Diode Dynamics halos really make a Jeep stand out. For a more subtle improvement, choose the true white option.

Dim the Lights

Through the integrated multifunction PWM dimming control, you can choose how your halo lights are going to operate. Switchback allows you to toggle high power, low power, and strobe mode for turn signals. This makes the Diode Dynamics LED lights so much more than just simple accent lighting.