Bartact Front Seat Lumbar Support Kit

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Bartacts front seat lumbar support kit is a great way to keep your back straight and comfortable in your Jeep. Inexpensive and strong beyond what is really necessary, Bartact lumbar support can easily be adjusted using the manual pump and release valve.

  • Compatible with All Front Seat Covers Made by Bartact
  • Adjust Size and Firmness by Using the Air Bladder System
  • Extremely Durable Design
  • Secondary Locking Feature Prevents Accidental Deflation
  • Includes a Manual Pump, Release Valve and an Air Tube

Top Features

New Levels of Comfort

If you’ve never sat in a car seat with lumbar support, you don’t know what you’re missing. Lumbar support significantly increases seating comfort but swapping out the seats just to get it is too expensive to consider. 

Combine Bartact Tactical or Baseline seat covers with the lumbar support kit, and you’ll end up with a seat far better than the factory could ever make!


The lumbar support pillow has an air bladder that is pressure adjustable through the manual pump. You can use it to set up ideal firmness and size, before placing it in the designated pocket on the back of Bartact seat covers.

Very Durable

Even though you’ll only ever put a fraction of your weight on the backrest, Bartact doesn’t leave anything to chance. Lumbar support kit has been tested under weights far greater than those applied inside the seat cover, to ensure longevity and reliability.