B&W Companion Slider 5th Wheel Trailer RV Gooseneck Hitch Adapter

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The Companion Slider 5th wheel hitch adapter from B&W is engineered to eliminate sloppiness and provide the smoothest ride on the road. Easy to install, it allows you to hitch both a fifth-wheel and gooseneck trailer with no problems! Twelve inches of adjustable space give the Companion Slider a competitive edge over the rest of the competition.

  • 12” Of Movement For Turning And Maneuvering Clearance In Shortbed Trucks
  • Automatically Latches In Both Directions
  • Tight Tolerances In Sliding Mechanism
  • Fully Articulating Coupler Head
  • 1” Thick, Wrap-Around Jaws Fit Kingpin Perfectly
  • Polyurethane Bushings Provide A Quiet, Rattle-Free Towing Experience
  • Utilizes The B&W Turnoverball Under-Bed Mounting System
  • Single System Applicable To Both Gooseneck Or A 5th Wheel
  • Removable For A Clean Bed With No Rails, Requires Two People
  • Gross Trailer Weight Of 20,000 Pounds
  • Gross Tongue Weight Of 5,000 Pounds
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top Features

Exceptional Construction

At B&W, nothing is left to chance when it comes to creating the best hitches. The Companion Slider 5th Wheel Trailer RV Gooseneck Hitch Adapter has been made out of the strongest materials and utilizes clever features to provide the best ride possible.

The massive 20,000 pounds of gross trailer weight and 5,000 pounds of gross tongue weight are more than enough to satisfy nearly all hitching needs. Thanks to the tight tolerances in the sliding mechanism, the ride will be much smoother with no trailer rattle, while the fully articulating coupler head allows pivoting in all four directions. Because the wrap-around jaws fit kingpin perfectly, there will be no sloppy starts or stops with this hitch adapter.

Convenient Design

A lot of thought went into making the Companion Slider not only the strongest hitch adapter but also the most straightforward to use. The automatic latching in both directions means that you’ll only need to get out of the truck one time before latching on, saving time and energy.

The 12” of sliding movement is excellent for turning and maneuvering clearance. The Companion Slider does not require any mounting rails, meaning that as soon as it’s detached, the cargo bed is ready for use.


Well known for its excellent product quality, B&W leads the industry with a limited lifetime warranty on the Companion Slider hitch adapter. Any manufacturing errors or material defects are fully covered, making sure that you’ll never need to worry about the next towing experience!


Can I use this on a short and long bed truck?

Absolutely. You likely won’t have to slide it back on the long-bed truck (depending on the situation), but the feature will certainly be helpful in the short-bed truck.

Can I use a wedge device with my Companion 5th wheel hitch?

Using a wedge and pin box coupler is acceptable with the Patriot and Companion models that use a four-point puck attachment system. A wedge and pin box coupler should not be used with Companion and Companion slider which both mount using the Turnoverball under bed mounting system. The forces generated at that single attachment point by a wedge device can damage the hitch and cause it to fail.

I have a Companion Slider RVK3400, and I see now the you only offer RVK3405. What's the difference?

In January of 2016, we introduced the higher rated 20K RVK3405. The previous model, the RVK3400, was rated at 18K. Due to customer demand for the higher rated RV hitches, we determined that the new 3405 would be the hitch we offered exclusively.

Do I need to use a lube disc with the Companion?

You do not need a lube disc when pulling your RV. Using a lube disc is a matter of preference. While utilizing a lube disc is a much cleaner option, you can simply apply an automotive type chassis grease to the top plate of the hitch.