Problems/Questions with your Order?

Please either use the contact box here or send us an email directly to Please include your full name used on your order so we can better assist you.


Issues once you received your item?

Is your product not what you ordered? Is it damaged? Did it never show up? 

Send us an email as soon as you can and we will get to the bottom of it, and make it right. 

Our email:

If you need to make a return or warranty an item, please find more information about that here.


Technical Issues

For detailed technical questions regarding installation or adjustments that are specific to your vehicle, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly. They are much more experienced with these nitty-gritty details and how their products are affected - as much as we hate to admit it!

It’s what’s going to get you the most dependable answer in a timely manner - which is what you need isn’t it? 

Many companies will claim to be able to handle these very independent queries and while we have resources that can help navigate you, THE BEST answer will come from the manufacturer.

Examples of questions that fall into this category:

  • Do these shocks get installed with the reservoir facing forward or rearwards on my truck?
  • Will these injectors pair well with {insert turbo & supporting mods here}?

If you don’t know who to call/email with your question, please ask us via email ( and we will send you details on the best contact info for your case.