About Us

Welcome to YourJeepGuide!

We’re a small crew of enthusiasts who got crazy enough to open up shop and compete with the big boys.

A couple things suck about shopping online for parts. The biggest one being that it can be confusing and frustrating to try to confirm the stuff you order is gonna fit.

Because when it’s 4:30pm on Sunday, you’re elbow-deep in a filthy engine bay with the truck torn half apart, hoping to get it started tonight to make sure you can get to work in the morning - the LAST thing you want to happen is to realize: that ain’t the right part.

Been there?
Yeah, us too.
So, that’s our mission:
1. Find you the parts you’re looking for
2. Answer your questions
3. Make sure your order is gonna be right - the first time


Sounds great, but what if you’re wrong?

We guarantee our fitment. If we make a bonehead move, we’ll make it right. 'Cause that’s what an honest American company does.