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For true off-road enthusiasts and those looking for a new style, we’ve collected a wide assortment of Jeep YJ Fender Flares! Take the first step in increasing the strength of your vehicle and install our aftermarket Jeep YJ Fenders. Then you’ll be able to take on greater challenges, knowing your Jeep can endure the abuse!

Jeep Wrangler YJ Fenders for Off-Road

Off-roading is a challenging sport, where one little mistake or miscalculation can lead to expensive and even immobilizing damage. In its stock configuration, the Wrangler is a very capable vehicle, so all you need is a set of durable Jeep YJ Tube Fenders to keep it dent-free and safe from any damage!

Wide Range of Options

We’ve worked hard to create a lineup of both budget, intermediate, and premium fender flare options, and give you the ability to pick the right style and material.

The primary Jeep YJ Fender materials are plastic, aluminum, and steel. Plastic doesn’t crack, and instead buckles under pressure to absorb as much energy as possible. With proper attachment, aluminum and steel flares create a much sturdier armor. Aluminum makes a compromise between strength and weight, while steel flares are nearly impossible to dent.

Whether it’s Jeep YJ Front Fenders, a set of Rear Fenders, or all four, we can accommodate your requirements. As for styles, we’ve got Jeep YJ Flat Fenders, Tube Fenders, Fender Deletes, and just about any other style currently manufactured.