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To get the best off-road protection and on-road looks, you need our Jeep JL Fenders & Flares! Find the right style, material, browse fenders with additional features like integrated markers or pod light mounts. We’ve got it all, and you’ll certainly find the right Jeep JL Fenders on our website!

Heavy-Duty Protection

Our selection of Jeep JL Fenders is carefully curated to give you the best off-road protection possible. Crafted out of steel, aluminum, or plastic, each of our fenders has its own way of protecting your Wrangler from scraping, leaning, and impact damage.

Plastic Jeep JL Fender Flares are the most affordable, but that doesn’t make them unsuitable for serious off-road applications. Specialized TPO plastic bends rather than breaking, it’s color stabilized and doesn’t chalk, and is lighter than metal options.

Aluminum Jeep JL Fenders strike a balance between the lightness of plastic and the rigidity of steel. They’re an excellent choice if you want the metal look but also practical protection. With the structural support, steel flares are the toughest option and can endure more than any other type, making them ideal for the toughest off-road conditions.

Additional Benefits

Aside from making your Wrangler more capable in an off-road setting, aftermarket fender flares also refresh the look and make it more unique. Mud, rock, and water deflection are guaranteed and depending on the design, you can get more tire clearance and articulation. This will allow you to place larger tires without modifying the suspension, while also staying within state regulations on tire coverage.