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The best way to preserve the exterior of your Gladiator is to choose a set of Jeep Gladiator Fenders & Flares from our selection. Not only are you increasing protection and keeping the original flares in mint condition, you’ll get so much more out of a well-made set of flares.

Surface coverage is more optimized to protect the body, and windows from flying mud and rocks. In some states, complete tire coverage is required by regulations and laws, so if you’re planning on getting wider tires, you’ll need to upgrade your flares. Aftermarket Jeep Gladiator Fender Flares also provide space for oversized tires, and let you push the off-road potential to the next level.

Find Your Style

Jeep Gladiator Fender & Flares are more than just means of protection. Gladiator already stands out as a member of the Jeep family, but you can make yours unique with the right set of fenders. Find the right material, pick the style and color, and you’ll get a look you’ll appreciate every time you see your vehicle.

Off-Road Protection

Jeeps are meant to be used in the toughest conditions, whether it’s sand dunes, rocky hills, muddy terrain or forests. With the right fenders, you can get bigger tires and better protection in case of an impact or scraping.

Just because you’re taking on the roughest terrains it doesn’t mean your Gladiator has to weather the abuse - take a look at our Jeep Gladiator Fenders & Flares and find a high-quality option that fits your use case.